Holiday Inn Offers More Mark

Lovable Loser Returns as Chain Targets Business Travelers
CHICAGO–Fallon McElligott aims to broaden Holiday Inn and Resorts’ image as a business traveler’s friend in a new campaign that brings lovable loser “Mark” back for a second year and introduces a new tagline.
The tag, “More is better,” highlights the many amenities Holiday Inn offers the business traveler, said Peter McHugh, a group creative director at Fallon.
“[Holiday Inn] is the most full-service of hotels in that strata,” McHugh said. “We’re tying all that up in that line.”
Though the Atlanta hotelier is perceived as a family-friendly chain, two-thirds of the company’s customers are business travelers, said Tom Seddon, Holiday Inn’s vice president of marketing.
“We do well in business, but we can do better,” Seddon said. “So we want to communicate that we are the hotel for business travelers by reinforcing that message with the large portion of people who already know us and to people who think we’re just for families.”
The company will reinforce its image as a “road warrior-friendly” hotel with several initiatives, such as high-speed Internet access and upgrading the Priority Club Worldwide loyalty program. These initiatives are addressed in the new campaign as Mark tries to get the amenities from his parents.
“He’s fine-tuned his sense of entitlement,” McHugh said. “He’s ‘working’ now, and he requires more amenities.”
In one spot, Mark tells his parents he needs a data port for his dubious e-business proposal. In another, he takes over the kitchen table because his room has no desk. All the spots end with Mark’s parents asking, “What do you think this is, a Holiday Inn?” before they break out in laughter.
Fallon introduced Mark last year in a campaign that covered specific changes Holiday Inn had made in a $1.5 billion renovation.
Billings were not disclosed. Holiday Inn spent nearly $48 million on advertising through the first 11 months of last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting.
–with Mike Beirne