Hoffman York Encore Agency Keeps Wisconsin Lottery Business After State Calls for Review of Account

CHICAGO-Just as it did with its tourism account last year, the state of Wisconsin has maintained the status quo with its $4-5 million lottery account, offering a contract renewal to Hoffman York in Milwaukee following a review.
Under the points system employed by the state, Hoffman York bested fellow finalist Advertising, Boelter & Lincoln in Madison, Wis., scoring 906.8 points to ABL’s 878.8. The evaluation system tallies points from criteria including oral presentations, previous experience and compensation offers.
Hoffman York has had the lottery account since 1991, after winning it from Milwaukee shop McDonald Davis (now BVK/McDonald).
As with the state’s $3 million tourism account-retained by Laughlin/Constable in Milwaukee- the lottery account must be reviewed approximately every three years. The review was to have started last summer, but Hoffman York was awarded several extensions due to a series of delays at lottery headquarters.
Some agencies said they were reluctant to participate in the lottery review, believing the process to be too political.
Agencies also were critical of the judging system, which awarded points for lottery account experience, which always favors the incumbent.
State statutes allow only informational advertising for the lottery. The laws prohibit promotional messages that make claims of potential windfalls for winners.

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