Hoarse Waits, Shop Jam On Mule

KesselsKramer, the iconoclastic ad agency operating out of a 19th-century church in Amsterdam, Netherlands, keeps putting its fingers in different pies.
Among its projects are music videos. Johan Kramer, founding partner, recently directed a Tom Waits spoken-word piece, “What’s He Building?” from his latest album, Mule Variations.
“Now what’s that sound from under the door?” the bard growls on the track. “He’s pounding nails into a hardwood floor, and I swear to God I heard someone moaning low.”
The video is an odd but effective collage of sepia-tinted, sinister images, such as an ominous house, a graveyard and rose clippers. But what may be the most sinister object–Waits himself–does not make an appearance.
“This probably won’t be prime-time MTV material,” said a shop representative.
KesselsKramer is also continuing its book-publishing venture, do publishing, with a new title called, do TV. A previous book, do Future, featured pithy aphorisms, such as: “A brand can breathe. A brand can cry. A brand can guide intellectuals.”
–Richard Linnett