HMS Hallmark Seeks to Unify the Anthem Brand

Multistate Blue Cross Work Highlights Consumer Choice
CHICAGO–Choice and access are the key messages Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield attempt to convey in HMS Hallmark’s first work for the insurer.
“Decide to be healthy” is the tagline for the $10-15 million campaign, which broke Aug. 13 on TV, radio and in print in Connecticut, Maine and Kentucky, Anthem’s lead markets. The ads will subsequently be rolled out in the rest of the network: Colorado, Indiana, Nevada, New Hampshire and Ohio.
Part of the objective is to unify the Anthem brand, as the Indianapolis-based company has steadily added BC and BS state plans to its portfolio in recent years. Maine was the latest pickup.
“It gives a unified strategy across all of our plan states,” said Jay Blumberg, director of corporate brand management for Anthem. At the same time, the campaign can be somewhat customized to regional demographics with media planning and executions that show different age groups,” he said.
HMS Hallmark in Columbus, Ohio, won the consolidated Anthem account, which was previously split among several agencies, in March, following a review. Fahlgren in Columbus and Bates Midwest in Indianapolis also competed.
The “Decide to be healthy” campaign was based on consumer research that showed the importance of choice and access, said Tobi Furman, HMS svp/account director.
The ads tout access to doctors, medical care and information partly through an Anthem Web site redesign being handled by HMS’ interactive arm, Motivo.
TV spots offer “real life” stories, showing various choices people make. A man dishing up sausages at a tailgate party “chose to have a cholesterol test,” one eating corn on the cob “chose dental coverage.” Interspersed are more mundane choices, such as “chose the green skateboard.”
The tone of the ads is consistent with BC and BS’s national campaign from FCB, Blumberg said. K