HMS Expands Huntington

CHICAGO-Seeking a unique way to tell consumers that Huntington banks treat each customer as an individual, HMS Partners in Columbus, Ohio, held casting calls for men named Bill, senior citizens with various interests and chief executive officers of various stripes.
The result is a TV campaign breaking this week that pitches a new “signature line” for Huntington, “Banking. Investments. Insurance,” which positions it as a full-service financial services firm.
It’s the first branding effort in more than a year for the Columbus-based company, which has more than 600 outlets in 11 states in the Midwest, East and South, said Stephen Fechtor, HMS’ creative director on the campaign.
HMS did “a ton of research” that led to a basic truth, Fechtor said. “People want to be treated like individuals. It’s almost a clich to say it, but [people say] “I don’t want to be treated like a number, but a person.'”
To that end, HMS created three TV spots aimed at individuals and businesses. One shows a series of men named Bill. Viewers are told, “There are 30 million people named Bill in America.” Another spot shows a series of CEOs, each unique. “We found there are 22-year-old CEOs with earrings,” Fechtor said.
The ads air through June 26 in 14 markets in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, West Virginia and Florida. ƒ