Hispanic Part Of Calif. Lottery Goes Into Play

The California Lottery Commission has put the Hispanic portion of its account into review as mandated by the state.
The account, estimated to be worth some $20 million over four years, has been handled for the past decade by Casanova Pendrill Publicidad in Irvine, Calif. The agency is expected to defend the business.
The commission has mailed out invitations to about 250 shops both inside and outside the state to attend a general information session Aug. 13 at the lottery offices in Sacramento, Calif., according to Norma Minas, a lottery representative.
The review was called because Casanova’s contract comes up for renewal in September 1998.
“We’re starting this early because it is a long process,” Minas said.
Agencies which respond to the letter will be sent a request for proposal early next month. Although non-California agencies have been notified about the review, the selected shop must have an in-state office to service the account. Respondents will have to meet additional minimum qualifications to participate in the review. The qualifying agencies will have to go through a formal review process with presentations before a review committee.
The contract will be awarded just prior to to the end of Casanova’s contract, Minas said.
Casanova, which has won several awards for its California Lottery work, including a gold Clio last year, is in the third and final year of its current contract. The contract is renewable for up to a year.
One change, however, is planned for the next contract: instead of three years with a one-year extension, it will be for four years with a one-year extension.
The state lottery moved its general market ad account to Grey Advertising in Los Angeles from J. Walter Thompson, San Francisco, earlier this year. Spending for general and ethnic advertising is expected to decline, due to state efforts to reduce the lottery’s administrative costs.