Hispanic Marketer Tells How in Print

DALLAS Juan Faura, president of ad agency Cultura, has written a book called The Whole Enchilada that serves to “demystify” marketing to U.S. Hispanic consumers.

The work will be available later this month through the on-demand printing service of Trafford Publishing. “There are millions of small businessmen and women out there and when they look at the Hispanic market they don’t look at themselves as having the resources to target the market themselves,” Faura said. “I’m trying to arm them with the necessary tools.”

Prior to co-founding his Omnicom-backed Dallas shop, the author spent six years as a research and consultant specializing in marketing to the Latino population.

Faura takes different approaches to help the reader understand the Hispanic consumer. One chapter offers autobiographical vignettes of Hispanics from varied backgrounds, ages and acculturation levels. Another discusses common beliefs about the segment. For example, Hispanic mothers do like to cook from scratch, but that is only half accurate, Faura says. He points out that more of those moms are entering the workforce and now often look to the convenience of packaged foods.

The book provides demographic data about Hispanics in the top markets, phone numbers of the media in those areas and explores the different levels of acculturation among the U.S. Hispanic population. It also explains the differences among ethnic constituencies, such as Mexicans, Puerto Ricans and Cubans.

Additional chapters explain how Hispanics like to be marketed to, and how to sell products in hard-to-market categories like healthcare and banking.

Other sections attempt to help readers determine when an English campaign should be translated, adapted, or completely set aside to reach the Spanish-speaking consumer. “More often than not, a direct, literal translation of English-language materials is completely ineffective, and may at times be offensive,” Faura writes.

The author also offers suggestions for finding a translation service, an agency and research professionals.