Hispanic Agency Opens in Atlanta

ATLANTA A new Hispanic marketing and advertising agency opened this week in Atlanta. Ralph Herrera and Arturo Samayoa have co-founded The Lanza Group and will serve as president and vice president and creative director, respectively.

Herrera said that the word “lanza” means spear or to launch in Spanish. His focus is to work with marketers and advertisers who want to grow with the Latino market. “Atlanta and the Southeast have experienced tremendous growth in the past decade as more Hispanics move into the region,” Herrera said.

Atlanta’s Hispanic population grew by 362 percent between 1990 and 2000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Samayoa said that these statistics make Atlanta the ideal home for the new shop. “Hispanic market activity is thriving in Atlanta,” he said. “We have received requests for creative samples during our start-up period and will announce additional relationships throughout the third quarter.”

Currently, The Lanza Group is working with the Atlanta Beat, CowParade Atlanta, Discolandia record stores and World of Coca-Cola. It provides bilingual media planning and placement, broadcast, collateral, creative and Internet services.