His Life’s An Open Book

Advertising veteran John Follis had never contemplated writing a book about his experiences until he left the agency he co-founded, Follis/DeVito/Verdi in New York, in 1993.

He was speaking to a friend of his, a New York recruiter, when the idea hit him.

“She was curious why I was leaving, and I told her some stories,” said Follis, now president and creative director of Follis Advertising in New York. “That was the genesis of it.”

The result, which was three years in the making, is Mad Ave., a collection of stories about his life in advertising. These range from tales of his days as an advertising student to memories of getting fired from agencies and being present at the 1991 Clios, where bedlam broke out.

“It really covers the gamut,” he said.

Follis signed on with an agent several years ago and is in talks with several publishers, but has not been signed yet.

Excerpts from the book are available at www.talentzoo.com and www.follis.com.

He is currently working on a children’s book.