Hilton Refreshes Travelers in FCB Print

LOS ANGELES Hilton Hotels & Resorts has launched a print campaign that positions the hotel brand as the solution to travelers’ most commonly voiced concerns.

The effort, from Interpublic Group’s Foote Cone & Belding in Irvine, Calif., includes four print ads that introduce the tagline, “Take me to the Hilton.”

Ads broke yesterday in The Wall Street Journal and USA Today. The first in the series focuses on “celebrity treatment” and comfort. It has a refreshed business traveler taking a glance in the restroom mirror to ensure he’s at his best before the day begins. Copy proclaims, “Take me to the level of care reserved for celebrity, while maintaining my anonymity.”

Another execution, which has a woman sitting in a chair with her laptop inside her hotel room, uses the copy, “Take me to the therapeutic hammock that hangs between two business days.” A third has a person receiving a massage under a canopy by the ocean, with the text, “Take me to a haven where no one can find me and even I can lose myself.”

Beginning the week of April 26, the campaign will debut in national business periodicals. Leisure and resort-oriented ads will appear in lifestyle magazines starting the week of May 30.

“A major goal behind this campaign is to reinforce what we do every day at the Hilton: Help each guest be his or her best, no matter what the travel occasion,” said Robert Dirks, senior vice president of brand management for the Beverly Hills, Calif.-based client, in a statement. “If you’re traveling on business, we want to help you be at the top of your game. If it’s a vacation, we want it to be the most memorable trip you’ve ever had. If we do that, it stands to reason that more and more people will be saying, ‘Take me to the Hilton.’ “

A Hilton rep said media spending for the campaign is “in the very healthy millions,” but declined to give specifics. Hilton Hotels & Resorts spent $31 million on ads in 2003, according to TNS Media Intelligence/CMR

Recently, Hilton ads have focused on touting the loyalty program for its various brands, such as Hilton, Doubletree and Embassy Suites, the client rep said.