Hillary Clinton’s New Anti-Trump Ad Lets His Own Party Do All the Trash Talking

Making the most of a contentious GOP primary

Hillary Clinton's newest ad, published to her campaign's Facebook and Twitter accounts today, is packed with negative comments about Donald Trump—yet Clinton herself never has to say a word.

The ad instead shows Trump's Republican primary opponents and senior party leaders blasting Trump with a litany of insults, including: 

  • "A con artist"
  • "A phony"
  • "A know-nothing candidate"
  • "A bully"
  • "The most vulgar person ever to aspire to the presidency"
  • "Utterly amoral"

Clinton's ad debuted just hours after Trump's remaining two rivals—U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and Ohio Gov. John Kasich—dropped out of the race. (Technically, as of Wednesday afternoon, only Cruz has dropped out, although Kasich is expected to do the same this evening.) The montage, shared with Clinton's fans on Facebook and Twitter, was funded by Hillary for America.

If Trump is indeed the only candidate standing, he'll face the tall task of uniting Republicans behind him even while the most prominent people in his party have vocally criticized him.

Watch the ad here:

Of course, the Democratic primary race has had its own moments of tension that Trump could turn against Clinton if she remains the Democratic front-runner. Trump already has taken to tweeting his support for Bernie Sanders in hopes of leveraging an intra-party divide similar to the one Clinton is hoping to exacerbate:


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