Hill, Holliday Team Gets 1st Win

Blocklin, Doig Hit Bull’s-Eye With Broadwing’s $30 Mil. Biz
BOSTON–June Blocklin and John Doig, the new team at Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, have nailed their first pitch together.
The Boston-based agency has landed the $30 million introductory assignment for Broadwing Communications, which is the national telecommunications company born of the merger between Cincinnati Bell and IXC Communications.
Doig, named creative director in August, walked into a review that was just getting under way in October. Finding shops without conflicts in the category was a challenge, said Valerie Walden, chief branding and advertising officer. While Walden, Blocklin and Doig all worked at one time at Ogilvy & Mather, Walden said their paths never crossed.
The shop is breaking full-page newspaper ads today for the new entity. The company will offer local, long-distance, high-speed Internet and other services.
“This is a totally new company bringing bandwidth to business,” said Blocklin, director of client services.
Currently on a road show to introduce the Austin, Texas-based company to investors, Walden said ads will run primarily in national newspapers, such as USA Today and The New York Times; in local newspapers in Cincinnati and Austin; and in Investor’s Business Daily, in order to reach investors and Broadwing’s 5,000 employees.
TV spots, direct-marketing and online initiatives are expected after Jan. 1, 2000, once the din of holiday-related dot.com advertising abates.
While the Broadwing.com domain name currently leads to a video-production house in Manchester, N.H., an agency representative said late last week that the telecom had secured the rights to that name. Chris Conroy, creative director at the video producer, declined comment, citing a nondisclosure agreement he had signed.
The account will be managed by Hill, Holliday senior vice president and group account manager Jean Manasian. Working with Doig on creative is Gail Schoenbrunn, copywriter, and Ron Wilcox, art director. Doig said newspaper ads are not “prescient” of what is to come, which “will have a point of view. It will be substantive.”
Hill, Holliday was one of three shops considered for the account, Walden said.
“The second round of work Hill, Holliday showed [the client] clearly hit the bull’s-eye,” she added. K