Hill, Holliday Plays Ball for Mass. Lottery

BOSTON It’s doubtful that even the most rabid New England baseball fans could make the cut to play for the Boston Red Sox.

Their odds of winning the Massachusetts State Lottery are probably even more remote—but at least they can indulge in the recently launched Boston Red Sox Instant Game.

A campaign for the scratch tickets features baseball-card-style print, transit and outdoor executions that feature real people in big-league poses.

Copy reads: “Can’t play for the Red Sox? Play the Red Sox Instant Game.” In one execution, elderly Frank Budelman, in Hawaiian shirt and Bermuda shorts, prepares to deliver a fastball. In another, Steven Scher, dressed for a day at The Office, follows through with his swing. (The fans used their real names.)

Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos, the IPG agency here, fashioned the work for the lottery. Kevin Moehlenkamp served as ecd, guiding art director Bob Gates and copywriter Mark Nardi. Photographer Christian Kozowyk created the “in-action” card photos.

Actual prizes include the chance to win tickets to 10-years of Red Sox-Yankees games at Fenway Park. For die-hards, that could be a greater inducement to play than the various cash awards.

The client spent about $7 million last year in measured media, per TNS Media Intelligence.

The agency is also preparing ads to support the lottery’s newly announced $20 scratch ticket game.