Hill, Holliday Crafts PRI Push

A series of 30-second radio and TV spots from Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos for Public Radio International promotes “From the Top,” PRI’s weekly program showcasing young classical musicians. The show, which runs on nearly 250 PRI stations nationally, also in-cludes interviews with the featured artists.

The commercials will break nationally in coming weeks as public service announcements on public radio and commercial television stations.

In one spot, a postman delivers mail to a house, hears a teenager playing the cello inside and lingers to listen. In another ad, a man waiting at a bus stop hears music from an apartment nearby and becomes so enchanted that he forgets to board the bus.

All ads close with the line, “Music. It’s powerful stuff.”

David Balsom, director of marketing and communications for the program, said, “The spots convey the message that music is a powerful communication tool.” He said the show aims to celebrate young musicians the way schools celebrate athletes.

Agency credits for the project include art director Doug Gould, copywriter Eivind Ueland and director Tom Foley.