HH/A Matures Liqueur

Hill, Holliday/Altschiller exhorts young men assuming the burdens of responsibility to take their youthful attitudes and pleasures–as well as bar calls–into adulthood in its latest campaign for Brown-Forman’s Southern Comfort liqueur. Its new tagline: “Hang on to your spirit.”
The print effort, dubbed the “dotted line” campaign by the New York agency, targets 21-24-year-olds and uses visual puns to depict rites of passage. In one ad, a groom walks down the aisle with his beaming bride. He wears a befuddled expression and a dotted “noose” around his neck. The caption reads: “Life as you know it may change. Your drink doesn’t have to.”
Another ad is a sly jab at the rigors of grown-up fun and games. In it, a young man tries to make a putt on a golf course as the dotted outline of a windmill–associated with miniature golf–appears over the hole.
“Humor is critical in this campaign,” said agency creative director Steve St. Clair. “You’re talking about the loss of youth and the accepting of responsibility, things most young guys fear.”
Ads will run in October editions of Rolling Stone, Playboy, Sports Illustrated and Out. Two 60-second radio spots are also planned. Spending was not disclosed.
The agency’s previous work for the Louisville, Ky., client was tagged, “Take it easy.”
Brown-Forman spent nearly $5 million on Southern Comfort last year, per Competitive Media Reporting. Hill, Holliday gained the account in 1993; AdvAnswers, St. Louis, buys media.
Southern Comfort sold 1.2 million cases last year; rivals Captain Morgan and Jack Daniels sold 1.7 million and 3.2 million cases, respectively, per Adams Liquor Handbook.