H&H Chillin’ With Bert Grant’s

Hammerquist & Halverson takes parody to extraordinary levels in its first work for Seattle microbrewer Bert Grant’s. Billings are less than $1 million.
Asked to transform the low-key brewer into more of a trendy name among young men, H&H’s creatives took it to the extreme, creating print ads with cheesy beer clichƒs and then mock-defacing them with scrawled slang that’s itself too excessive and outdated to be hip.
“It’s known as a pretty stodgy beer. I mean, the bottle has an old man on it,” said H&H copywriter Matt McCain. But, wary of giving the brand an irreverent image it hadn’t earned, McCain and his team made the ads “so uncool that [the beer] would be accepted.”
In one ad, the headline “Taste a Northwest original” is crossed out, replaced by “Taste this all you playa hatin’ sucka MC’s.” Another execution replaces “Make time for a fine ale” with “Make time to kick it root down, bee-otch!!!” The gimmick extends to the tag, which starts out as “The beer for beer lovers” and becomes “The beer for 21-26 year old males.”
Newspaper ads and billboards are running in Seattle. The client handled media buying in-house.