Hey, You Wanna Piece Of Me?

The Romann Group is in a decidedly New York state of mind with its new $2 million print and outdoor campaign for Sports New York, a regional Web site aimed at die-hard New York-area sports fans.
“It’s almost like a neighborhood sports bar,” said Gad Romann, the New York shop’s creative director, of the site.
The ads are colored in-your-face red and play off the stuff that local sports fans’ dreams are made of. One (shown here) features a bogus newspaper headline reading, “Yankees’ Owner Abducted!” and carries the tagline, “Share your secret sports fantasies with others.”
“This site has a New York character,” Romann said, “which is why these ads are so provocative.”
The ads will run in New York and New Jersey daily newspapers, on mobile billboards, online and, of course, on the subways.
You got a problem with that? -Rob Lenihan