Hershey to Consumers: Have Fun With Your Food New Twizzlers Spots From DDB Urge Viewers to ‘Play First. Eat Later.’

NEW YORK-Hershey Foods is repositioning Twizzlers to emphasize the brand’s playful qualities in a new campaign from DDB breaking today.

The three 30-second, live-action spots—two for Twizzlers Twisters and one for Pull and Peel candy—mark a departure from 15 years of animated executions.

In the first commercial, a man stands on a desk, entertaining co-workers with an impersonation of their boss. Pretending a Twister is a mustache, he says, “I have something very important to say to you all, bluh, bluh, bluh. Stop laughing! You’re fired, and you’re fired!” Then, the real boss appears, glowering at the joker as the group scatters.

In another ad, a man pretends two Twisters are walrus tusks. As he grunts before the walrus cage at the zoo, his young daughter rolls her eyes.

The third spot shows a teenage girl, who sees a man sleeping on a park bench. She arranges a string of Pull and Peel in the shape of a target atop his bald head and glances at two birds above her before running off.

The new tagline is, “Play first. Eat later.”

“The client thought animation was getting a little old,” said Billy Faraut, an associate creative director at DDB in New York. “In focus groups, we realized there was a big play value to the candy, so we thought it was a good idea to go to live action to show that.”

The last Twizzlers work from DDB ran this past summer; it showed animated Pull and Peel strands twisting together with the tag, “Makes mouths happy.”

Hershey spent about $5 million on ads in the first 10 months of 2000, per Competitive Media Reporting, but sources said the media buy for this effort will be “significantly higher.”