Universal Home Video is serving up some oranges with its Who pudding and roast beast this holiday season.

To promote the video and DVD release of The Grinch, Universal and The Fruit Label Co. in Tarzana, Calif., have launched a national campaign that uses customized stickers affixed to 100 million navel oranges.

While fruit may seem an unlikely ad medium, Fruit Label CEO Irv Weinhaus said consumers are repeatedly exposed to labels at supermarkets, at home and when they ultimately remove the labels to eat the fruit.

“People are oblivious to television today,” he said. “They’re relatively oblivious to newspaper advertising. If you put The Grinch on an orange, they’ll see it.”

Oranges were chosen because fruit appears in the film, and oranges are popular at this time of year, he added. The labels cost $3.25 per 1,000 oranges and include the price look-up number, which helps checkers determine the variety and price of an item.

Fruit Label is also looking to promote compatible food products on its labels, such as chips on an avocado. But there are some things it won’t do. “We’ve turned down ads on fruit for condoms and bras,” said Weinhaus.