Want something to do at night that doesn’t involve licking electric fans? Then Mad Dogs & Englishmen has a suggestion: Visit the Here Arts Center.

The agency last week debuted slides in movie theaters in New York for the organization, which houses theaters, galleries and a café at its site in Manhattan.

One ad shows, in bold letters, the words “electric fan licking.” Underneath, the copy asks, “Looking for a more exciting evening?” This question appears in each execution, following descriptions of fascinating activities such as “teaching your cat Hebrew” and “yelling at the marmalade.”

“What we were trying to do is kind of wake people up,” said Mikal Reich, creative director at the New York shop. He noted the ads try to identify those who have a “fun sense of humor” and who enjoy offbeat, “slightly risky” entertainment that is not overly esoteric or experimental.

The ads also cite the client’s Web site, TV spots are also running for the arts center; they feature similarly themed creative.