From Here To Book Stores

That started as a guest column in Adweek has blossomed into a full-length book and changed the lives of its authors.
Just released, Why People Don’t Buy Things (shown) was written by former Adweek columnists Harry Washburn and Kim Wallace, partners of market research firm Wallace & Washburn in Wellesley, Mass.
The book’s title was also the name of a column the duo penned for these pages back in the late 1980s, under the “Wallace & Washburn Marketing Report.”
Published by Perseus Books, Why People Don’t Buy Things classifies buyers into three categories: commanders, thinkers and visualizers. It’s a theory that Washburn dreamed up one day in the shower, to hear Wallace tell it.
Response, according to Wallace, has been “fantastic.” The duo will speak at a sales and marketing forum in Atlanta next month, where the keynote address is being delivered by Elizabeth Dole. They will also appear at Adweek’s Agency 2001 seminar in Arizona. –Sarah Jones