Before Trump’s Polarizing Political Turn, These 7 Brands Made Him Star of Their Ads

The celebrated pitchman

Headshot of Chris Ariens

Before he became a presidential front-runner, even before he became a reality TV star, Donald Trump was a celebrity CEO. And following several business best-sellers, Trump became a sought-after brand pitchman for his own products and others. From Diet Pepsi to Pizza Hut, we dug up a few of Trump's more notable commercials.

Donald Trump and Grimace for McDonald's Big N' Tasty (2002)

Donald Trump (and Darrell Hammond as Donald Trump) for Oreo (2010)

Trump eating pizza, crust-first, for Pizza Hut with first wife Ivana (1995)

"My new game is Trump, The Game" from Milton Bradley (1989)

Trump goes dumpster diving for Visa (2004)

Trump evading the press for Diet Pepsi  (1988)

More than a 30-second spot, this infomercial for ACN touts the company's video phone (2006)

@ChrisAriens Chris Ariens is the managing editor and director of video at Adweek.