Here Are the CPG Brands Men and Women Trust Most

Survey ranks Scotch whisky, Scotch tape and everything in between

When it comes to trusting brands, consumers tend to stick with known quantities, such as Band-Aid.

The adhesive bandage strips from Johnson & Johnson ranked high in a recent Harris Poll EquiTrend study designed to determine which consumer packaged goods brands Americans trust most. This marks the first time the Harris Poll EquiTrend survey has included a full CPG evaluation.

For male consumers, Band-Aid ranked No. 1, followed by Heinz Ketchup, Neosporin Antiseptic, Reynolds Aluminum Foil and Duracell Batteries. "For men, brand trust is a bit more diversified" than it is for women, said Mike de Vere, managing director of consumer insights at marketing-research giant Nielsen, which owns Harris Poll. "With a variety of health, tech and a few indulgent items, there is a mixture of trusted practicality and reliable pleasure represented in this list."

Among women, Band-Aid placed second behind Ziploc food storage bags. Reynolds and Neosporin ranked third and fourth, respectively, with Dawn dish soap rounding out the top five. "Many of the products on this list help make lives easier in some way," he said. "For women, trusted brands are tried and true and have stood the test of time."

Results are based on a survey of nearly 89,000 U.S. consumers age 15 and older in June and July of this year. Each respondent rated 40 randomly selected brands, and each brand received about 1,000 ratings. (A few months ago, Harris Poll released research about non-CPG products and services. In that study, top brands included Subway—before the revelations about pitchman Jared Fogle—and Target, despite the company's high-profile data breach in 2013.)

Overlaps on the CPG lists underscore a key societal insight: Some responsibilities and activities, and the products associated with them, are no longer viewed as mainly the domain of one gender or another.

"Family backyard barbecues [Reynolds] and family bumps and scrapes [Band-Aid, Neosporin] are becoming gender-neutral domains," de Vere said. "If I were a brand manager or advertising executive, I would be really intrigued to understand whether or not men and women see different benefits in some of these overlapping brands."

Marketers should keep in mind that "brand choice for both men and women is emotional and rational," he said, and strive to understand consumer motivation on both levels as they construct campaigns.

As for men "trusting" scotch, well, "we all have our vices," de Vere said. Here's a look at the results:

Top-10 Most Trusted CPG Brands for Men

1. Band-Aid Adhesive Bandages

2. Heinz Ketchup

3. Neosporin Antiseptic

4. Reynolds Aluminum Foil

5. Duracell Batteries

6. Ticonderoga Pencils

7. Glenlivet Single Malt Scotch Whisky

8. Energizer Batteries

9. Ghirardelli Chocolate

10. Scotch Tape

Top-10 Most Trusted CPG Brands for Women

1. Ziploc Food Storage Bags

2. Band-Aid Adhesive Bandages

3. Reynolds Aluminum Foil

4. Neosporin Antiseptic

5. Dawn Dish Soap

6. Kleenex Facial Tissues

7. Sharpie Markers

8. Q-Tips

9. Clorox Bleach

10. Tide Laundry Detergent

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