Anyone considering a new career would be wise to check out the field of high-tech public relations. It seems the discipline itself could use a little public relations, since demand for top-notch people is far exceeding supply. Just ask Mara Bartucca, managing director of The Horn Group, a Burlingame, Calif.-based firm that recently opened an office south of Boston in Braintree, Mass. Bartucca reports that she is turning away clients while scrambling to staff her office.

The solution? Be creative when seeking employees, advises Al Golin, founder and chairman of Chicago-based Golin/Harris Communications. Golin was in Boston recently to give advice to a group of Emerson College undergrads. ‘It used to be the obvious places were journalism and marketing, but I think that we’re finding people who have a legal or investor relations background,’ Golin noted. ‘The common denominator is a good writing background. If you find a good person, they can learn the technology part, as long as they have good judgment and communications skills.’

If that fails, you can always send employees to school. The Delahaye Group has begun offering ‘how to’ seminars on high-tech public relations at its conference center in Portsmouth, N.H.

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