Hellacious dish

A new campaign for glass food-storage containers features dishes that may give Martha Stewart nightmares.
New York shop Pedone & Partners’ print and TV work for Pyrex Storage Deluxe, marketed by World Kitchen, shows full-color images of Red Snapper S’mores, Chicken Drumstick Gelatin and Shrimp Scampi Birthday Cake.
One spot, in which these culinary horrors float onscreen to the music of lounge composer Esquivel, bows at the end of this month on network and cable TV. Three print ads break in the April issues of such magazines as Bon Appƒtit and Good Housekeeping.
The stomach-churning combinations illustrate the effects of storing leftovers in plastic containers, which the ads claim absorb odors. The new tag: “Better storage = better food.”
Pedone’s creative team worked hard to make the food look legitimate, said executive vice president, creative director Tom Cook, who hired director Irv Blitz for the TV spot and photographer James Wojcik to shoot the print ads. A team of food stylists slaved over the dishes as well.
The work was worth it. As Cook said, “There’s nothing worse than bad Red Snapper S’mores!”
–Emily From