Helio Resurfaces in Spot From Deutsch

LOS ANGELES Interpublic Group’s Deutsch/LA introduces a new product for Helio in a 30-second spot breaking today, according to agency president and chief creative officer Eric Hirshberg.

A young man is seen scuba diving and singing to himself when a friend swims by, guided by Helio’s “buddy beacon” (which uses GPS to show the location of designated friends on a display). Ultimately, a voluptuous woman joins them and compliments the nerdy guys’ “cool phones,” at which point a whale swims by and gobbles her up. The spot ends with the Helio tagline, “Don’t call us a phone company. Don’t call it a phone.”

“The spot does two jobs,” said Hirshberg. “It supports the idea that this is more than a phone, that there is Helio and everything else, and the buddy beacon is an expression of that. So we’re celebrating and reinforcing the launch idea and introducing a new product.”

The integrated campaign for the Westwood, Calif.-based client is designed to introduce a new product and its various features with limited awareness on a limited budget by combining brand elevation with product benefits, Hirshberg explained, while expressing the brand’s friendly personality.

Nate Morley and Jennifer Parke, both vice presidents and group creative directors, developed the spot with copywriter J.D. Jurentkuff and art director David Zorn, who also contributes his voiceover skills.

Jared Hess, who lensed features Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre, directed the spot.

Deutsch/LA won the Helio business last October.