Heil-Brice Picks Up Crescent Jewelers

LOS ANGELES Crescent Jewelers has handed its creative and media duties to independent Heil-Brice Retail Advertising without a review, said the agency.

The Newport Beach, Calif., agency is expecting to show the first work for the client in the fall. The chain of 175 stores throughout the Western U.S. was previously producing its ads on a project basis with various agencies.

“Obviously, we have to bring in business, but we have to define and differentiate the brand within a highly competitive jewelry category,” said Michael Robertson, svp and creative director at Heil-Brice. “We’re going to be well outspent by, for example, Zales and Kay, so the key will be standing for something unique. Crescent has traditionally been a value leader, and we need to put on top of that a more emotional reason to visit them. That’s the key to building their business.”

Robertson said all media options are currently “on the table,” and that in terms of brand strategy the agency is acutely aware of the chain’s strength in the Hispanic community. “We’re looking for a media strategy that maximizes their presence,” he said. “We have to be as smart strategically as creatively. “

Crescent Jewelers, based in Oakland, Calif., spent $8 million on advertising in 2003, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.