Heft Equals Accuracy for Wilson

Spots for Fat Shaft Clubs Take Tight Aim
CHICAGO–DDB’s new TV spots for Wilson Golf’s revamped Fat Shaft clubs dramatize their purported benefits in unexpected ways in an effort to reach the average golfer striving to improve his game.
Two spots from DDB Chicago break this week on The Golf Channel and will air through the season on cable, largely during prime time. “Ultimate accuracy” is the tag for the spots, which like much of DDB’s Wilson Golf advertising avoid the standard take of golf shots and contented duffers.
“They’ve done a great job with golf advertising that doesn’t look like golf advertising,” said Jeff Harmet, global business director at the Chicago company. The spots are after “the avid golfer, they guy who plays 25 times a year, Harmet said.
One spot shows a hammer that keeps missing a nail until its wielder uses a sledge hammer. A second shows a bag of clubs at which an unseen person is throwing tomatoes. All splat against a white wall but miss the bag. “Thank goodness our competitors aren’t as accurate as Wilson Fat Shafts,” says a regal voiceover.
Wilson spends about $10 million a year on advertising golf clubs and balls. K