On the heels of Paul McCartney’s Super Bowl

On the heels of Paul McCartney’s Super Bowl halftime show, the former Beatle says he’s now open to licensing his work for commercial use. More than 30 years of music, the entire catalog of the songwriter’s post-Beatles career is being pitched to film, TV and ad execs with a promo CD sampler sent out this week featuring his greatest hits, including “Jet,” “No More Lonely Nights” and “Let ‘Em In.” “For years, Paul has been very selective with what we’ve done licensing-wise,” says Bill Porricelli, svp of promotion and new product development at McCartney’s publishing company, MPL Communications in New York. “Paul feels the time is right to have some fun with it.” McCartney’s duet with Steve Wonder, “Ebony and Ivory,” will appear in the upcoming film Guess Who, starring Ashton Kutcher and Bernie Mac. Porricelli says there are no imminent ad projects licensing the tune, but notes that the company would consider working with brands that are considered elite and have worldwide exposure. “Let’s face it, McCartney is a pretty large brand himself,” he says.