Heater Advertising Launches Dot.Com Division

New Unit to Guide Startups Through the Initial Funding Stages
BOSTON–To help dot.com startups get off the ground, Heater Advertising has set up a new division dubbed “Angel Ads,” which landed its first assignment from Blink.com.
Dot coms need help after receiving initial contributions from “angel” investors, so they can secure more funding, said Bill Heater, chairman of the Boston shop.
Although they have great ideas for Web sites or related technologies, start-ups often have a small budget and no business plan. “It’s a constant state of emergency while they are going for funding,” Heater said.
The reason for signing up the startups early is simple, said Heater president Steve Giuggio. “Once the financing is in place, it becomes a bigger entity, and we enjoy our payday,” he said.
Blink.com is a bookmarking site where users file and find information. Neil Somerfield, the New York company’s vice president of sales and marketing, said the account is small now, but has the potential to explode. “One day you have nothing,” he said. “Another, you have $40 million.”
Somerfield previously was vice president of marketing at Webstakes.com when Heater won that account. He was so taken by the agency that it was assigned Blink.com without a review before the site went live in October.
Somerfield is impressed by the personal attention Blink.com is receiving from Heater’s Angel Ads team. “Things happen so quickly, you have to work in a partnership or you get left behind,” he said.
Angel Ads will do the research and develop marketing plans, logos and initial ads. Jeff Lawson, director of brand planning and marketing research, will lead the team of six, which includes Web designers, creatives, researchers and an account executive.
The unit created the site’s “blinking eye” logo and tagline, “To unleash the power of the Internet, just blink.” The first ads will appear in The Industry Standard this month. Media Edge in New York is handling media.
Most of Angel Ads’ projects, such as Blink.com, will be open-ended. They may be short term or develop into long relationships, Heater said.