Heat Seekers

From Honey Boo Boo to BuzzFeed and Garden & Gun, the Hot List Reader Poll is a media mashup set ablaze

When Adweek introduced the Hot List 32 years ago, the franchise focused exclusively on consumer magazines and their print ad business. Last year, we jettisoned our original formula to include television and digital media and to consider innovations and metrics beyond just ad revenue—from iPad editions and mobile apps to branded products, streaming sites and cultural influence. Here, we continue to evolve to better reflect the state of media and consumer and advertiser relationships with them. We mashed up the broadcast and cable categories—a logical development, as neither viewers nor Emmy voters distinguish between the two. We hope you’ll find this year’s Hot List Reader Poll categories more relatable, and fun—vote not only on the best prime-time lineup but also your favorite guilty pleasure (Here Comes Honey Boo Boo anyone?), the best magazine to be seen reading on the subway, the comeback kid (Hayden Panettiere or Katie Couric?) and the top destination for “your Ke$ha (or Bach) fix.” If you don’t see your favorite in a given category, use our write-in option. Hot List winners, based on editors’ deliberations but also taking into account reader picks, will be revealed in print and online on Dec. 3. Cast your ballot: Breaking Bad or Homeland