Heat of Battle

McCann-Erickson may feel it got booted off the Burger King account just at the right time.

A group of marketing execs at the fast-food chain, eager to sharpen their beef-patty-war talons, got the urge to visit a motivational workshop recently—only to find themselves facing an age-old fear-confronta tion challenge: a stroll on hot coals. Things didn’t go entirely as planned, however, and instead of feeling the mystical power associated with firewalking, several BKers wound up with their feet feeling a long way from medium rare.

Robert Kallen, owner of The Achieve ment Group, the company that ran the event, was nonplussed. “You’re walking over hot coals, and something can happen,” he told the AP. “The majority of the people get through it without a nick or a blister.”

The injuries were not severe; they involved first- and second-degree burns. Mildred Morse, an administrative assistant, was reported to be the most seriously hurt, but she was quickly released from the hospital.

Dana Frydman, BK’s vp of product marketing, helped organize the outing and was unapologetic. “It made you feel a sense of empowerment,” she said, “and that you can accomplish anything.”

Whether that sense of empowerment will eventually translate into a new BK filet of sole sandwich was unclear.