Hearts On Fire Turns Men Into ‘Heroes’

NEW YORK Hearts On Fire plans to spark sales during the important fourth quarter via a global campaign that identifies its diamonds as “the world’s most perfectly cut” and male purchasers as “heroes.” The effort, which launches in October, includes TV, radio, print and outdoor in markets where local retailers sell its branded gems and can tag the ads.

Estimated campaign spending, per the company, is $12-15 million. The ads were created in-house, with an assist from Parallax Productions in Boston and Mechanica Branding in Newburyport, Mass.

The new message differs slightly from Hearts On Fire’s previous “Wow” campaign. “‘Wow’ was about what most women experience when given a diamond,” said David Knies, vp of marketing. “This campaign, based on research by a cultural anthropologist, focuses on why men give diamonds and why women desire them. It also positions Hearts On Fire retailers as a premium source of diamonds in their market.”

Creative offers that men, who account for 75 percent of all diamond purchases, will become heroes after purchasing Hearts On Fire diamonds.

The 30-second spot begins with a man coming out of a store clutching a Hearts On Fire bag. He soon sees himself reflected in a shop window as Prince Charming. On his route home he becomes a superhero, a knight in shining armor and the star of a ticker-tape parade. Finally, he ascends the steps of his house and presents the gift to his wife.

“We started the diamond branding trend eight years ago,” said Knies. “Until then consumers bought generic diamonds primarily on price. We have taken the fear out of purchasing a diamond for the guy. He knows he is buying a brand, which implies some level of security and trust, and ties it to more of an emotional sale.”