Jingle writer Jack Turner, composer of Pike Nurseries’ “Play in the Dirt Again” and Kroger’s “Let’s Go Krogering,” hit pay dirt when his and co-writer Tim Bays’

single, “Ain’t No Good in Good-bye,” was picked up by Giant Records.

The mid-tempo ballad is included on newcomer Georgia Middleman’s CD,Endless Possibilities, released earlier this month by the Nashville, Tenn., label.

A previous single, “Sometime, Somewhere, Somehow,” was recorded by Barbara Mandrell in 1983. Since then the owner of Jack Music & Sound Design in Atlanta has been writing songs and paying the rent with jingles in spotslike “I Scream” for Mayfield Dairies and “Buck Up” for Longhorn Steakhouse.

“You never know what’s going to click,” he said. “Tim and I wrote this song 10 years ago. A producer liked it, but wasn’t in a position to use it until now.”

The song, “an obvious country title,” said Turner, is abouta woman trying toconvince herself that the breakup she’s breaking her heart over is unavoidable, but knowing there “ain’t no good in good-bye.”