A Healthier Medium

The medium once known for beer, butts and babes is about to kick its cigarette habit.
As part of the tobacco settlement, starting next week ads on outdoor boards in 17 states will be replaced with anti-smoking messages.
Boston’s Arnold Communications will supply artwork for 3,700 boards, working with more than 200 outdoor companies and three printers to get the job done on time.
Once changed, the boards will stay up until January. As part of the settlement, remaining tobacco contracts were awarded to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Cancer Institute. Eleven anti-smoking ads created by Arnold in Boston and Asher & Partners in Los Angeles were made available to those states that did not have ads of their own. The media placements are worth about $5 million.
At the changeover event in downtown Boston will be Marlboro man Wayne McLaren’s brother, Mac. Wayne, a Phillip Morris model in the ’60s and ’70s, died of lung cancer. His brother has since been featured in Massachusetts’ anti-smoking ads.
–Judy Warner