When suits from The Orange County Register started leaving cryptic phone messages at Colby Effler & Partners, the agency’s new-business guru, Kim Haskell, felt a knot in his stomach.
Just days earlier, the paper had hired the Santa Monica, Calif., agency to handle its estimated $5-8 million account. Now Haskell was wondering if the deal was off.
“We truly thought we were a long shot from the beginning because we aren’t an Orange County-based agency,” Haskell said.
It was a great relief, then, when he found out the reason for the calls. The client wanted to arrange delivery of a special mock edition of the OCR announcing the Colby hire.
The mock-up included the banner headline “Register selects Colby Effler & Partners,” followed by stories about the review, the selection and the agency’s suggested tag.
“We were blown away,” Haskell said. “They kept us in suspense up until the final hours. … [They] took us by surprise– a pleasant surprise, I must say.”
–David Lipi