Head Over Heels

With all the other news going on, everyone seemed to forget that last week was National Rub a Bald Head Week, organized by the Bald-Headed Men of America (a group based, fittingly enough, in More head City, N.C.). But not Warren Tolman, Democratic candidate for governor in Massachu setts. Inspired, perhaps, by role models like Vin Diesel, Dr. Evil and Minority Report’s Samantha Morton (though probably not by newly de-rugged Jim Traficant), the shiny-headed Tolman, 42, has been running ads that leave no doubt as to his position on the hair issue. The tag, which has become a kind of rallying cry, is: “Bald is beautiful.”

In one ad, Tolman’s wife, Carolyn, calls her husband “hot” as Warren pats his scalp. In another, the candidate sits with some freshly shorn fans in a barbershop and says, “You don’t have to be bald to be on board.”

Reaction among New England ad folks was mixed, and did not fall strictly along bald/nonbald lines. “It’s smart, it’s real, it’s self-deprecating,” says Mullen creative chief Edward Boches, who sports a stylish mop. “Bald is a good ‘logo’ for Tolman. Makes him easy to remember.”

“It’s the most ridiculous premise,” counters Fort Franklin pres ident and creative director Marc Gallucci, whose hair, it must be said, has seen thicker days. “They are wasting their money and making themselves look like fools. They make discount-furniture ads look like sophisticated marketing.”