Head out on the Highway

Staffers at Arnold Communications, the agency that crafts Volkswagen of America’s “Drivers Wanted” campaign, was recently in need of one themselves.
After their final presentation at Century 21 in Parsippany, N.J., most of Arnold’s 10-member, new-business squad headed to the airport in nearby Newark, N.J., where the weather was a mixture of fog and rain.
Flights were delayed, and then cancelled. Around 10 p.m., part of the Arnold contingent opted to rent a car and drive the four hours back to Boston.
Arnold chairman Ed Eskandarian rode in the backseat, while executive vice president Lynn Rotando took the wheel. The driver wound up providing most of his six passengers with door-to-door service when the road warriors finally hit the Boston area around 2 a.m.
Not everyone opted to travel by car, however. Three executives–chief marketing officer Fran Kelly, media director John Gaffney and creative director Kathy Kiely–opted for a hotel in New York and the shuttle to Boston the next morning.
–Judy Warner