He Shoots, He Scores: David Beckham’s 10 Most-Viral Commercials


David Beckham – Samsung ‘Everyone’s Olympic Games’

Beckham bangs a gong from 100 yards away with a signature free kick in this Samsung spot linked to the London Games of 2012.


David Beckham – Adidas ‘Photo Booth’

Adidas got Beckham to surprise fans by ambushing them in a photo booth for this truly charming spot, also made for London 2012.


David Beckham – Pepsi ‘Footbattle’

Beckham, Ronaldinho, Roberto Carlos and Francesco Totti battled in it out in this amusing 2004 Pepsi spot, set in the Middle Ages.


David Beckham – Samsung ‘Ode to Joy’

Beckham plays "Ode to Joy" by kicking soccer balls at a wall of drums in another London 2012 spot from Samsung.


David Beckham – Burger King ‘David’s Smoothie’

Becks turns on his heartthrob charisma as he orders a strawberry and banana smoothie, melting not only the counter server but also her (male) manager, in this 2012 BK ad.


David Beckham – Adidas ‘All In’

Our hero is joined by Derrick Rose, Lionel Messi and Katy Perry in this Adidas spot from last year.


David Beckham – H&M ‘David Beckham Bodywear’

This H&M Super Bowl spot from 2012 wasn't the creative highlight of the game, but it ruled social media in the days afterward.


David Beckham – Pepsi ‘Sumo’

This 2002 French spot for Pepsi starred Beckham, Raul, Roberto Carlos, Juan Sebstian Veron, Emmanuel Petit, Rui Costa and Edgar Davids. And a bunch of sumo wrestlers.


David Beckham – Pepsi ‘Unbelievable David Beckham’

This 2011 Pepsi video used some impressive editing to enhance Beckham's impressive long-ball skills, creating an impressive spot indeed. Aren't you impressed?


David Beckham – H&M ‘The Chase’

Beckham's greatest viral ad success is also his most recent. This February 2013 spot, directed by Guy Ritchie, shows our star, through a series of unfortunate events, getting his clothes ripped off. Thanks to a dog shutting a door in his face, he has no choice but to chase down a Victoria Beckham-designed Range Rover to get his robe back.