He Says, She Says in Dailey Coffee-Tea Radio

LOS ANGELES The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf chain this month launched the first multimedia advertising campaign in its 41-year history.

Created by West Hollywood, Calif.-based Dailey and Associates, which also handles the company’s in-store promotions and branding, the radio and print campaign emphasizes the professed superior quality of the chain’s custom-made beverages. The ads’ common tagline: “Because you deserve better.”

The Coffee Bean “made a very strong buy in radio,” said client director of marketing Tami Clark, who would not discuss campaign spending. Four 30-second spots revolve around two voices: the personified characters of Coffee and Tea. Coffee, a highly caffeinated male voiceover, says, “The morning is no time to lollygag” and calls for someone to “turn up the AC!” A calm, affected woman narrator (Tea) waxes poetic about relaxing at breakfast and “kindly inviting the sun into the kitchen.”

A print component, including full-page ads and newspaper inserts, uses bold uppercase print and cream-colored cursive lettering on a burlap-bag background. The text suggests the company’s products area almost too good to drink.

While the print ad does not directly take on competitors, “it’s a nice contrast to the work some other coffeehouses are doing,” said Dailey creative director Mike Folino, who supervised the project. “It’s handcrafted, offset elements evoke more of a feeling of quality.”

Currently running only in Phoenix, the ads will continue through August before the client considers rolling them out in other cities. “Phoenix is a relatively new market, so there’s no long-term brand awareness yet,” explained Clark. “As we expand, we can continue to utilize the campaign.”

The Los Angeles-based, privately owned coffee chain has more than 300 locations in California, Nevada, Arizona and Asia.