HDC Shows Businesses Spherion Is the 'Better Way'

HDC’s latest advertising campaign for Spherion uses over-the-top imagery to convince corporate clients “there’s a better way” to do business.

The Fort Lauderdale, Fla., shop’s print ads—a first execution broke this month—will run in Fortune, Forbes, CEO, Leaders, Business 2.0 and trade publications through spring 2003. The campaign also has an outdoor component.

Annual billings have been estimated at $4 million.

“We want people to understand that the Spherion brand stands for making the workplace work better,” said Dina Shapiro, HDC’s director of client services.

Focus-group research, Shapiro said, revealed ads in the category “are so dry they fail to attract attention. So we created work with a lot of stopping power.”

“Fire,” the first effort in the six-ad series, depicts a white-collar worker sitting at his computer terminal as flames from a bonfire lick at the bottom of his chair. The hot-seat/light-a-fire-under-someone imagery is grounded by copy headlined “There’s abetter way to improve productivity.”

Upcoming ads will focus on the Fort Lauderdale-based client’s ability to provide support services for employee recruitment and assessment as well as information technology applications.

Shapiro said the tagline for the campaign opts out of the category’s familiar “business-solutions” language for the more direct “Making the workplace work.”

An ad showcasing Spherion’s staffing services capabilities is built around a dating-game theme. The IT advertisement presents a chaotic environment and the insight that since humans only utilize 10 percent of their brain power, no one person can

understand all the latest software and hardware.

“People are interested in unique visuals that illustrate these issues,” said Shapiro.

HDC creative director Michael Cannon oversaw the project. Jenny Wackenhut served as copywriter; Matt Davis provided art direction.

Spherion, founded in 1946 as a staffing services operation, reported 2001 revenue of $2.7 billion. It serves business and institutional organizations, government agencies and healthcare facilities in North America, Europe and Asia.