Haynes Gives Retailer the Big-Screen Treatment

Haynes Media & Marketing is launching a multimedia campaign for its newest client, Home Theater Store.
The $3 million account “walked in the door,” according to Tim Dillard, the Houston shop’s vice president of creative. “They [saw] our creative work. We told them that they needed a complete marketing plan and it was a go.”
Previous work for the Houston-based retailer of upmarket big-screen televisions, audio and video gear was done in-house and confined mainly to display ads. The $30 million firm is opening two new stores in Austin and Arlington, Texas, next month to add to its current outlets in Houston and Dallas. Three additional stores are planned.
A TV spot airs next week in Texas. The campaign, which also includes outdoor and print, features a “Get your priorities straight!” tag–a reference to the different perceptions men and women have of big-screen TVs.
“It is very much a male-oriented thing, but interestingly enough it is the woman–either wife or girlfriend–who has to give the thumbs up for the purchase,” said Dillard.
The ad shows a home lit by the flicker of a large-screen TV. The wife yells, “Turn the TV off!” Her husband shouts back, “It’s not a TV, it’s a big-screen TV system.” She shuts off the power. There is an argument followed by silence, then a generator kicks into action.
Aimed at males in the 35-54 age range with a household income above $100,000, the first ad will run through December. A pre-Christmas TV spot will show women rioting outside a store because their menfolk just watch their big-screen TVs instead of doing chores.
“We are looking to this campaign to increase awareness of who we are,” said Mark Esposito, client director of advertising and marketing. “Our stores are at the high end of the market and we want to convey that with our TV ads.”