The I’s Have It as Chase Tries VOD

NEW YORK In Chase Card Services’ video-on-demand campaign for its Chase Freedom Card, the medium is both the message and the messenger.

The effort runs on Dish Network through Jan. 1, allowing consumers to learn about the card with a flexible rewards program while Chase gets smart about how viewers respond to its iTV advertising.

In a broader sense, the effort also symbolizes the freedom of choice inherent in the brand proposition.

The campaign features two 30-second spots that lead into humorous minute-long videos when viewers click on graphic links. One clip tells the story of a husband who opts for travel points instead of cash in order to attend a family reunion. Another shows the same man selecting cash over points to purchase the ultimate grill. Titled “One Man. One Card. Thrilling Adventures,” the initiative unfolds in six episodes.

The vignettes “dramatize this ability of the consumer to change his or her mind without losing anything,” said Manning Field, svp, branding and advertising at Chase Card Services.

Users can also visit a microsite to obtain additional details about the card program via direct mail.

I-shop T3 in Austin, Texas, helped devise the content, which enables Chase to glean consumer data about its 3-month-old product from the more than 12 million Dish subscribers with interactive TV.

“The whole idea is: ‘Are people interested in this type of in-depth information? Is this the way they want to get it?’ ” said T3 account director Lori Kerrigan.

The effort is part of ongoing Chase experiments to understand consumer behavior across diverse media platforms. “We’re building the case for an ad-supported VOD model,” said Field.

“We’re in search of the active consumer,” he continued, noting that people who engage with content show higher message recall. Using VOD connotes “innovation and flexibility … [and] is very consistent with the kinds of relationship we try to build with our customers,” he added.

The initiative allows Chase to “get some real-time information back from consumers,” said Doug McGary, president of the Interactive Television Group at consultancy The Media Group, which collaborated on the campaign. “The ad dollar works harder and provides more insight into the viewer’s reception of their message and brand” on an interactive, time-shifting medium like VOD, he said.

Said Field, “We’re trying to figure out how to best leverage the vehicle to
connect with the consumer.”