Harvard Pilgrim Tackles Issues

Interpublic Group’s Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos has launched three 30-second commercials for Harvard Pilgrim Health Care that target both consumers and decision-makers.

One spot shows a young man discussing his healthcare plan at his new job. A female human-resources consultant says, “You’ve chosen Harvard Pilgrim as your health plan. Now, what I don’t need you to do is fill out a lot of forms.” The man looks surprised and then ecstatic as she explains that he should not worry about whether he can keep his current doctor or about getting the online services he wants.

In another spot, the owner of a fashion boutique is talking to herself about switching to Harvard Pilgrim. “It makes sense for our company to switch to Harvard Pilgrim,” she says, sitting on one side of her desk. She then walks to the other side and says, “I agree, we may be small, but why not have the best—let’s do it.”

The work seeks “to show [real situations] where healthcare issues happen and show [them] in an engaging way,” said Doug Gould, associate creative director at the Boston shop.

The tagline, “Making great healthcare a little easier,” has been retained from last year’s campaign by Hill, Holliday. The new work is an extension of that effort, which included the widely regarded spot that showed a woman who is “put on hold” by a store employee after she asks for a shirt in a different size.

Ads broke last week in the greater Boston area and will run through the fall during early-morning news, sports programs and prime-time shows. Harvard Pilgrim spends $3-5 million annually on ads, according to CMR.