Harrah’s Pitches “Fever’

Avid Gamblers’ Eager Anticipation Is Theme for Ads
CHICAGO-Carmichael Lynch turns the focus from winning to the anticipation of playing in its latest campaign for Harrah’s Entertainment.
The $15 million push, which breaks this week, again targets the “avid, experienced player,” said Beth Rooks, Harrah’s director of brand communications. The black-and-white spots capture the anticipation such a gamer feels before entering a casino.
“We looked at this from the standpoint of the player who is looking forward to a night of excitement,” Rooks said.
Set to the torch song standard “Fever,” one spot features quick takes of a woman driving in the desert. “Cinderella had her night. Why shouldn’t you have yours?” a voiceover asks as the car passes a Harrah’s billboard. When the woman pulls up to the casino, the company’s logo appears in color as the announcer says, “When you’re ready, we’ll be here.”
The tagline remains, “Your biggest nights happen here,” which the agency developed last year in its first work for the Memphis, Tenn.-based company.
The Minneapolis shop’s previous work focused on the people who frequent casinos, while the latest effort aims for an emotional connection, said group account director Roman Paluta.
“[The new] campaign really gets inside the head and the heart of the avid customer,” Paluta said. “Our target audience puts themselves into these ads.”
The spots will air in the company’s 11 primary markets, which include New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Print work is expected in May, Rooks said.
The company spent nearly $30 million on its branding effort last year, according to Competitive Media Reporting. ƒ