Harpell Bows ‘No Nonsense’ Progress Ads

Harpell/Martins & Co. focuses on “Performance. Not promises” in its first campaign for Progress Software since winning the global account late last year.
That theme graces a series of print ads breaking this month in the business and technology press in 10 countries.
The Maynard, Mass., shop fashioned the no-nonsense brand position to emphasize that Progress, a leading maker of software development and database tools, is committed to performance in situations where integrity and reliability are paramount, said agency president Pat Harpell.
The campaign showcases firefighters and mountain rescue workers because they are “people you must trust, who aren’t braggarts,” Harpell said. The text emphasizes that Progess products are similarly trustworthy.
“These ads will work well in any part of the world and will help us create a memorable image,” said Margot Carlson Delonge, an official at Progress in Bedford, Mass.
Harpell/Martins is handling the media buy in markets including North America, Europe and Australia. Various firms will help translate the ads.
Annual spending was estimated at $3-5 million when the agency won the account after a review.