Happy Faces for BMW

DALLAS – Bringing a smile to both its driver and the winding road it traverses, a BMW Z3 roadster enjoys the spotlight in a new 30-second television spot breaking this month via Publicis in Dallas.
The new commercial displays “the sheer excitement of driving” the 2000 model year convertible sports car, according to Publicis senior principal Brice Campbell.
The spot, which fits under the umbrella “Ultimate driving machine” campaign from Fallon McElligott in Minneapolis, will be placed in local and regional markets across the country. Publicis here and in New York handles BMW’s regional and dealer ads in the South, East and Central U.S.
The ad shows the sports car bringing such a pleasurable driving experience that both the operator and the road share a smile. Computerized elements from Sight Effects in Venice, Calif., morph the yellow divider lines on the highway into bright grins as the car passes over them. “This is as fun as it gets,” beams a voiceover in the ad.
Campbell said the actress’ smile was actually used as a model for the computer-generated road expressions to create continuity.
The ad will air for the duration of the 2000 model year, according to the agency.
Campbell said the TV commercial complements the current national campaign from Fallon McElligott, whose circular theme is “the driver loves the car loves the road loves the car loves the driver.”
Creative credits go to art director Manuel Moreno and senior copywriter Mike Fiddleman, under principals and associate creative directors Marshall Lestz and John Tsao. ¡