Hanger Net Rebrands as Its OOH Ad Play Grows

In one year, Jeff Jensen has transformed The Hanger Network from a cute green advertising idea to a full-fledged marketing channel reaching 35 million households.

Relaunching today (Sept. 21) as Vesta Green Marketing Solutions, the re-branded and expanded company leverages a network of 40,000 dry cleaners to offer a full suite of marketing programs, all with an eco-friendly twist.

Founded in 2003 on the concept of EcoHangars, a 100 percent recycled and recyclable alternative to wire hangers, Vesta today generates 20 percent of its business from product samples attached to dry-cleaning bundles in eco-friendly pouches or hang-tags. In November, Vesta will debut its newest marketing product, an information booklet of holiday recipes for a major consumer packaged goods brand it declined to identify. “We had a product, but a distribution channel with the ability to reach an affluent consumer in their home was the key to the business,” said Jensen, who joined the company a year ago as CEO.

Since Jensen began to roll out the marketing side of its business, Vesta has distributed razors for Schick, Scrubbing Bubbles for SC Johnson, and body wash for Caress. More than half of Vesta’s clients use a perforated action card or coupon to drive product sales.

“Unlike most forms of direct response media, this is guaranteed to be seen by the consumer,” said Alan Kraft, president of Norwalk, Conn.-based Media Horizons Management, a direct response agency which placed campaigns for several of its brand clients such as DirecTV, USA Today, Wall Street Journal Wines and Nutrisystem.

Vesta has also begun to develop a thriving business from selling EcoHangers directly to stores, colleges and brands.

Crystal Cruise Lines uses EcoHangers in its state rooms, while Pizazzcrew LLC, a clothing line created in a wind-powered factory, sends its clothes to Walmart on EcoHangers. “It’s in line with our own business practices,” said Terri Devenuto, president of Pizazzcrew. “The feedback has been tremendous.”