Hanes “Sarah Chalke”

For the commercial, I gave myself a terrible wedgie,” says Scrubs star Sarah Chalke, in one of the video outtakes for this new Hanes campaign for its “No Ride Up Panty.” Directed by her Scrubs’ co-star Zach Braff, two new spots, “Shopping” and “Wedgie Epidemic” feature the actress doing a Luuuucy- like loose-limbed funny walk to illustrate the problem. I’m all for funny, and I think the choice of actress and director here are inspired, but I just don’t see wedgies as one of “women’s top underwear complaints,” as the Hanes research proved. Sure, the word itself is comedy gold, and brings a smile to everyone’s lips; the campaign also offers a micro site where they can view Sarah’s personal Wedgie Dance video and enter weekly Wedgie-Free Wednesdays product giveaways. In addition, readers will be invited to share their own wedgie stories, rate others using the Blush-O-Meter and be encouraged to spread the word about wedgie-freedom with humorous e-cards.”
In the grand scheme of things, however, it’s a manufactured problem, and certainly only an epidemic for thong-wearers, who go into the wedgie-world knowingly. (These No Ride Up Panties do not come in a thong edition, however.) So now women have a new worry; most 12- year old boys would agree that other people giving you wedgies are a far, far crueler thing.–Barbara Lippert