Young car enthusiasts may have spent a lot of time caring for their vehicles in the past, but those in Generation Y would rather cut to the chase and have their cars be admired.

That was the thinking behind Avon, Conn.-based Mintz & Hoke’s new radio campaign for No Touch Tire and Wheel Care, which manufactures a spray-cleaning product.

Four spots, running nationally through the spring, feature interviews with No Touch scientist and spokeschar acter “Dr. Jones.”

In one, the interviewer asks whether it’s true that No Touch is “the aphrodisiac of the new century.” In another, the interviewer asks, “No Touch isn’t about clean and wet-looking tires, it’s about driving the women crazy, isn’t it?”

Dr. Jones explains that the product is actually about beautifying and protecting wheels with minimal effort, only to be met with further innuendo—stick shifts figure into one spot—from the interviewer.

All spots close with the tagline, “Spray on the love and walk away.”